Ceramic Paintings by Philip Read


update: July 1 , 2020


video: youtube.com/video/j25Y67i-VW8 (my paintings with my own meditative composed soundscape)

'In the Realm of the Unconscious' (24in x 24in) high temperature ceramic porcelain painting.

This painting contains many symbols and signs that speak of a distant past to connect with the present and future. It touches the void and emptiness of the unconscious that contains all of our experiences and DNA.

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MPS Gallery: (current exhibition) left click the image, magnify, zoom and scroll the paintings.

'Celtroma' ceramic paintings and sculpture by Philip Read Rome, Italy low temperature red earthenware.

'CeltRoma' by Philip Read -an exhibition and installation of ceramic work inspired by the artists experience with Celtic and Roman cultures. Mixed media with music and poetry.


If your organization is interested in one of my workshops please contact me for more details (plrmps@hotmail.com): Workshops include;

1. Ink and Wash (with color) Brush Painting (Sumi-e Japanese or Chinese painting) - subjects: Bamboo, Chrysanthemum, Orchid, Plum Blossom, Lotus, Azalea, Peony, etc

2. Underglaze painting on ceramics (cone 04-10)

3. Oil (Onglaze) painting on ceramics(enamel painting cone 04)

4. Luster onglaze (cone 04, Gold, Silver, Mother of Pearl)

5. Brush Painting: (brush skills workshop for ceramics)



2017 NEW ceramic porcelain PAINTINGS 2017....

The artist -Philip Read

Master of Fine Arts: Studio Painting and Critical Theory... Bachelor of Fine Arts: Interdisciplinary Arts... Chemical Engineering, minor in Microbiology, Diploma... Studio member: Tile Council of America

I am a Symbolist painter. The paintings are composed of a series of symbolic images that evoke an aesthetic emotion and reflect social/cultural narratives.

The seeds of my artistic journey were planted early in my life living in the south of England. I travel to many countries in search of the natural beauty in this world. The mountains, oceans, rivers, and waterfalls still inspire my compositions. Now my work explores the beauty of the human experience combined with landscapes. For me, these are the best of my inspired observations in life; the human experience and Nature. The two subjects are a unified series of lines and compositions that create a natural balance of aesthetic beauty. I construct these compositions within a matrix of color fields, light, sound and poetry that explore the multiple layers of the human experience. My materials are ceramic porcelain with colored underglaze painting with colored glazes and low fired on-glaze enamel painting.

Artistic creation requires not only technique but also the need for the expression of ideas, concepts and aesthetics.

Contact Info;

email: plrmps@hotmail.com phone: (718-354-7928)

Artist/Designer: Philip Read

Ceramic Painting by Philip Read