'Cosmos' 19in x 27in SOLD
'Coy Pond' 21in x 26in
'Lotus Pond'
'Meditation' 4ft x 2ft
'Mountain Bridge' SOLD
'Peony (SOLD)' 21in x 26in
'Raindrops' 4ft x 2ft
'Serenity (SOLD)' 19in x 27in
'Silent Thunder'
'Silent Thunder'
'Solitude (SOLD)'
'Solitude' (SOLD)
'Subway series (SOLD)'
'Waterfall II' SOLD
2003 - 2011 Contemporary Figurative
2005 - 2011 Ceramic Porcelain Painting 4ft
2005 - 2011 Ceramic Porcelain Painting; 2ft
2012 - 2013 Ceramic Porcelain Painting 4ft
2014-2015 Ceramic Porcelain Painting
2016 ceramic porcelain painting
2017 Ceramic Painting
2018 Ceramic Painting
Abstract Blue
Abstract with life drawing (SOLD)
Abstraction 4ft x 2ft (SOLD)
Beach Waves 10in x 24in (SOLD)
Bear hair brush: medium
Blue Spirals 24" x 24"
Brushes with Chinghua cobalt blue: prices as marked
Brushes, Pigments, Materials
Buddha Hand
Cascade (SOLD)
Cascade 2ft x 1.5ft
Cascading Landscape (SOLD)
City landscape 48in x 24in
City Reflection 24in x 24in
Cityscape Winter
Cityscape with Mountain Shadows
Cobra: the protecting spirit 4ft x 2ft
Contemplation I SOLD
Contemplation II
Dreamscape 24in x 24in (SOLD)
Egrets in Bamboo forest (SOLD)
Eve's Reflection 4ft x 2ft
Harmony SOLD
Huang Fei Gallery Jdz China
IA Gallery (International Art Gallery)
Identify Yourself
In the beginning.... SOLD
Lament in Blue SOLD
Landscape 36in x 12in (SOLD)
Landscape #1 14in x 35in
Landscape abstract
Landscape in Blue
landscape waterfall 36in x 12in
Landscape Yellow Glaze
Lotus Pond
Lotus Pond 24" x 24" (SOLD)
Manhattan 4ft x 2ft
Meander ceramic tile with painted frame
Meditation (SOLD)
Meditation (SOLD)
Meditation 4ft x 1.5ft
Meditation #1 24in x 24in (SOLD)
Meditation #2
Meditation #3
Mindfulness' 48in x 12in
Mystic Blue
Mystic Landscape (SOLD)
Mystic Landscape II
Mythic Landscape 24in x 24in
Observing the Unimaginable
On the Edge of a Dream 24" x 24"
Out of Balance
Rain Dreams (SOLD)
Reclining Figure with Bamboo (sold)
Reflection Pool (SOLD)
Resonating Harmony
River of Dreams 55in x 24in (SOLD)
Rooster brush (goat hair) Medium
scale assistant 28in x 28in framed
scale assistant 34in framed
scale assistant 2ft x 4ft framed
Seated Figure with Dragonflies (SOLD)
Seeking Harmony SOLD
set of four brushes:
set of four brushes: close up
Shadow Leaf 48in
small tile figurative
small tile figurative with dragonflies
Spirit: chaos and harmony
Spring Landscape (SOLD)
Standing Figure with Lizards in Bamboo Forest (SOLD)
Storm 24" x 24"
Summer Lake (SOLD)
The Elephant Walk 4ft x 2ft (SOLD)
The Mirror (SOLD)
The Village 4ft x 2ft
Tranquility (SOLD)
Untitled (SOLD)
untitled (SOLD)
untitled (SOLD)
Waterfall 28in x 28in (includes wood frame)
Waterfall 14in x 35in (SOLD)
Waterfall 28in x 28in (includes wood frame)
Whats Up 4ft x 1.5ft (SOLD)
Winter Moon 4ft x 2ft
Wolf hair (medium)
Wolf hair with bone scrafitto tip
Ceramic Painting by Philip Read