'Cosmos' 19in x 27in SOLD
'Coy Pond' 21in x 26in
'Its not what you see
'Its not what you see
'Its not what you see 2'
'Its not what you see 3'
'Its not what you see 4'
'Its not what you see 5'
'Its not what you see 6'
'Its not what you see 7'
'Lotus Pond'
'Meditation' 4ft x 2ft
'Mountain Bridge' SOLD
'Ode to Alexander'
'Peony (SOLD)' 21in x 26in
'Raindrops' 4ft x 2ft
'Serenity (SOLD)' 19in x 27in
'Silent Thunder'
'Silent Thunder'
'Solitude (SOLD)'
'Solitude' (SOLD)
'Subway series (SOLD)'
'Waterfall II' SOLD
4 Conscious and the Unconscious
Abstract Blue (sold)
Abstract with life drawing (SOLD)
Abstraction 4ft x 2ft (SOLD)
Artist friends
Artist friends and students.
Beach Waves 10in x 24in (SOLD)
Bear hair brush: medium
Blue Spirals 24" x 24"
Brushes with Chinghua cobalt blue: prices as marked
Brushes, Pigments, Materials
Buddha Hand
Cappadocia Ceramic Symposium
Cascade (SOLD)
Cascade 2ft x 1.5ft
Cascading Landscape (SOLD)
CeltRoma: exhibition and installation
City landscape 48in x 24in
City Reflection 24in x 24in
Cityscape Winter
Cityscape with Mountain Shadows
Cobra: the protecting spirit 4ft x 2ft
Contemplation I SOLD
Contemplation II
Dreamscape 24in x 24in (SOLD)
Egrets in Bamboo forest (SOLD)
Eve's Reflection 4ft x 2ft
Gallery 1: Contemporary Figurative
Gallery 2: 2ft x 2ft
Gallery 3: Landscape 4ft x 2ft
Gallery 4: Symbolism 4ft x 2ft
Gallery 5: Dreamscapes
Gallery 6: Abstract Symbolist
Gallery 7: 3D Abstract
Gallery 8: Mythical Abstract
Harmony SOLD
Huang Fei Gallery Jdz China
Identify Yourself
In the beginning.... SOLD
Inside the hand carved caves.
Lament in Blue SOLD
Landscape 36in x 12in (SOLD)
Landscape #1 14in x 35in
Landscape abstract
Landscape in Blue
landscape waterfall 36in x 12in
Landscape with caves
Landscape Yellow Glaze
Looking outside from inside the cave
Lotus Pond
Lotus Pond 24" x 24" (SOLD)
Manhattan 4ft x 2ft
Meander ceramic tile with painted frame
Meditation (SOLD)
Meditation (SOLD)
Meditation 4ft x 1.5ft
Meditation #1 24in x 24in (SOLD)
Meditation #2
Meditation #3
Michaelangelo square
Mindfulness' 48in x 12in
MPS Gallery left click image and magnify
Mystic Blue
Mystic Landscape (SOLD)
Mystic Landscape II
Mythic Landscape 24in x 24in
Observing the Unimaginable
On the Edge of a Dream 24" x 24"
Out of Balance
Outside the caves
Rain Dreams (SOLD)
Reclining Figure with Bamboo (sold)
Reflection Pool (SOLD)
Resonating Harmony
River of Dreams 55in x 24in (SOLD)
Roman Running Games track
Rome 1
Rome 2
Rome 3
Rome, Italy (c.r.e.t.a.Roma)
Rooster brush (goat hair) Medium
scale assistant 28in x 28in framed
scale assistant 34in framed
scale assistant 2ft x 4ft framed
Seated Figure with Dragonflies (SOLD)
Seeking Harmony SOLD
set of four brushes:
set of four brushes: close up
Shadow Leaf 48in
small tile figurative
small tile figurative with dragonflies
Spirit: chaos and harmony
Spring Landscape (SOLD)
Standing Figure with Lizards in Bamboo Forest (SOLD)
Storm 24" x 24"
Summer Lake (SOLD)
The Elephant Walk 4ft x 2ft (SOLD)
The Mirror (SOLD)
The mushrooms.
The Village 4ft x 2ft
Tranquility (SOLD)
Untitled (SOLD)
untitled (SOLD)
untitled (SOLD)
untitled (sold)
Venice 1
Venice 2
Venice 3
Venice 4
Venice 5
Waterfall 28in x 28in (includes wood frame)
Waterfall 14in x 35in (SOLD)
Waterfall 28in x 28in (includes wood frame)
Whats Up 4ft x 1.5ft (SOLD)
Winter Moon 4ft x 2ft
Wolf hair (medium)
Wolf hair with bone scrafitto tip
Ceramic Painting by Philip Read